Training Plans
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Training Plans

Target planning and custom training plans on demand

Train effectively with a unique system that combines individually tailored training plans with a proprietary on-demand system that allows you to add different services to create your own personal approach to your cycling.

Structured training

Unique, configurable system

On-demand options

Fully customised

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions or want to discuss anything further, do hesitate to contact me.

  • Fully personalised training plans starting at four-weeks that can be extended further.
  • Balanced around your work-life schedule.
  • Day to day structure and specific workouts tailored to your needs.
  • Premium Training Peaks membership for the length of the plan.
  • Sessions are built to work with the training tools at your disposal. If you have a power meter then great, if not then don’t worry because we can train with heart rate or simply perceived exertion.
  • Add on-demand services to further enhance your training plan. Continue reading to find out more about configuration options.

Any type or level of riding will benefit from a training plan that is crafted especially for them. Improve more quickly and enjoy your workouts more compared to training alone. Whether you are just getting started with your cycling and want to start training safely and effectively or are a seasoned competitor that needs some guidance and support you can benefit from the unique on-demand training service I offer.

The planning process starts with an in-person or online discussion of your riding experience, current training and goals to understand how best to craft the plan around your lifestyle. We will build workouts specifically to you with tailored training zones.
These zones will be created from analysis of previous data or a testing session (if purchased as part of the on-demand system). The plan will then be delivered online once it is ready and any other on-demand services will be created upon purchase.

Life can get in the way of cycling (unfortunately!) but missing a training session does not have to affect the hard work you have already done.
All training plans are built around your schedule and with flexibility in mind so you can rearrange your training within agreed parameters without fear.
The on-demand nature of the other components of the system allows you to add additional training and support services when you are ready and it suits your busy life.

You can add strength and conditioning work if you need to balance your body out, add nutritional guidance for help with fuelling your workouts and add analysis as needed as well!

Communication and analysis are not included like with the One-to-One coaching option. However, you can purchase analysis on an on-going or one-off basis if desired to help you understand your training and improvements and receive feedback on what you have done so far.
You won’t receive plan adjustments outside of the initially agreed structure. Training Peaks Premium membership is included, but only for the length of time the plan is scheduled for. This will of course be extended should you purchase additional training plans.

"Adam has been responsible for my best 10mile and 25mile time trial times"

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Plans will be built around your life and the configurable, on-demand services will be customised to your requirements. Training for cycling or triathlon requires a personalised approach to be effective - make your training unique with our configurable systems and watch your performance on the bike flourish.

On-demand system

In addition to training plans based on your specific goals and available time you can add components to your training plan at the click of a button. Create your own unique approach to your training.

Develop your cycling

On-demand options include the ability to add a customised strength and conditioning plan, nutrition plans and skills sessions to help develop your cycling further.

Maximise your training

A specific training plan is a great starting point for enhancing your cycling. Start with a fourweek plan, but there is no reason why you can’t extend your programme and add other components concurrently or as required.

Ready for the future

The configurable training plans can be used as a standalone performance system, but they also easily transition into one-to-one coaching should you wish for an even more detailed and personal approach.

On-demand Pricing

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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Ask me anything about the services

Discuss your current training structure

Talk through your cycling goals

Contact Adam
£ 85

for 4 weeks

Intial discussion and planning (goals, duration, commitment)

Daily Training plans to reach your goals

Built-in flexibility

Designed to work with any tools (heart rate, power monitors, perceieved exertion etc)

Easily transition to personal coaching

Configure your service with tiered options

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Configure Your Training

Purchase services individually when needed or as part of a complete training plan package

Tier 1
£ 30

per component*

Core workout programme

Functional strength training regime

* Also available without training plans

Tier 2
£ 50

per component*

Nutrition and hydration

Event planning and race strategy

* Also available without training plans

Tier 3
£ 75

per component*

Fitness Testing

Ad-hoc analysis

"Ask me Anything" consultation (Skype or face to face)

* Only available as part of the training plan service

Example Configurations

Find some ideas below to see how an on-demand approach to training can complement your lifestyle.

Bike Fit/Frame Sizing

Start by getting your position perfect - muscles shorten over time and will affect your setup.

Fitness Test

Get a baseline idea of your current fitness and get specific zones to work from to optimise your training plan.

6 Week Training Plan

A six-week plan will progressively build your riding back up and get you back to feeling strong.


Receive detailed feedback to gauage your progression and enable you to plan your cycling future.

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Training Plan

Receive a flexible training plan designed around your schedule. Be confident that you can still reach your goals in any situation.

Event Strategy

The last 48 hours before an event are key, but can be hectic. Be prepared and take the guesswork out of it.


Take a break or work solo but we will still be here when you're ready!

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Analysis of Your Training

Let's start with analysing your previous training and performances to determine your strengths and weaknesses and training zones.

Training Plan

Your training plan will be built to your timescales and designed to improve on areas that will have the greatest impact on your cycling.

Strength and Conditioning Workout

Mixing up your training to include off-the-bike conditioning is an excellent way of breaking through a training plateau.

Fitness Test

Fitness testing at the end of a block of training will help you understand your progress and help you with your future training.

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Training Plan

Start with a training plan to take you up to your event date to get you in the best condition possible on the start line.

Nutrition and Hydration

Receive guidance to use during training and for the event to cover this important aspect of performance.

Event Strategy

Understand what went well during the event and where you can improve for the future.

Event Analysis

After 3 days all of your offers will arrive and you will have another 7 days to select your new company.

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