Geometry Design
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Geometry Design

Carefully Crafted Custom Geometries

Whether you intend your new bike to be made of titanium, steel or carbon I match the geometry to your exact requirements to allow your custom bike to fit perfectly as well as handle and ride beautifully. Take the stress away from your frame builder and put your position and geometry design in the hands of an expert.

Unmatched ride quality

Crafted to match your exact needs

Seperate responsibility

Tweaks and revisions included

Details and Pricing

Your ultimate bicycle experience is just around the corner

Your exact requirements

Want a comfortable, easy-to-handle, stable titanium road bike? Prefer something more aggressive and fast handling?

No problem. I take pride in my attention to detail and matching every aspect of each individual tube length and angle to suit you and create the perfect design for you.

Stress free build

Take the responsbility of designing the bike away from the builder and let them do what they do best - making the frame. A frame builder is not a bike fitting expert, so trust the geometry design of your dream bike to me and I assure you that your bike will fit and handle as well as it is built.

Attention to detail

The session is focused on finding the ideal geometry match for your body, position on the bike and riding style. We will also investigate the ideal crank length, bar shape, saddle choice and many more parameters to get you on the perfect bike.

Full support

No only is a Retul Muve frame sizing included free of charge but I will also create CAD model of the geometry for you and liaise with your frame builder throughout the process.

Geometry Design
£ 180

Discuss requirements & riding history

Identify personal tastes and preferences

Collaboration with the frame builder

Recommend materials, forks and other componentry

Any tweaks and revisions

CAD model of your geometry

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