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Fitness Testing

Benchmark your fitness. Monitor your development.

Knowing your baseline fitness and physiology is imperative to designing a training plan, understanding your strengths and weaknesses and charting your progression. I offer studio based performance testing using the Wahoo Kickr with a progressive ramp protocol.


Power and Heart Rate Zones

Threshold Power

Lactate Threshold

Frequently Asked Questions

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Maximal testing session to determine VO2max and lactate threshold. From the results we can develop your power and heart rate training zones.

  • All data collected during the session for your reference
  • A report of your heart rate and power training zones
  • Analysis of your results to indicate areas of interest and areas for improvement
  • Brief details of how to optimise your training to improve your weaknesses and maintain your strengths

Fitness testing is an excellent way to begin training with a clearly defined structure as the training zones provided will allow you to optimise your training time and effectiveness- this makes it ideal for newer riders who are looking to get into their training or experienced riders looking for marginal gains.

I use a classic ramp testing protocol to elicit a clear physiological response to the increasing effort and therefore allow a detailed and precise breakdown and analysis of your current fitness. Heart rate and power will be recorded alongside your cadence and rate of perceived exertion. By comparing these variables to each other I can distinguish lactate threshold and VO2max and from this derive training zones for power and heart rate that you can use in training to structure your rides and monitor your fatigue and improvement.

Start your season with a fitness testing session to understand your baseline condition or use throughout the season to track your progress. Useful for a wide range of cyclists, from the beginner to experienced time trialist, road racer, triathlete and sportive rider. The results can be used as a baseline for one-to-one coaching or a configurable element of our training plans.

Testing is also useful for those who have been training to zones based upon calculators, which can be surprisingly inaccurate. The test uses a calibrated turbo trainer and a protocol that is based on physiological evidence for valid and useable results.

As you will be provided with all data from the session you can begin to build up a picture of the course of a season and over the years to track the improvements in your fitness and build up a picture of how your training is truly impacting your riding and physiology.

"Adam has been responsible for my best 10mile and 25mile time trial times"

Adam was instrumental in perfecting my Time Trial position. We found out very quickly that lower was not faster in my case and this is where Adam really excels, having ideas outside of the box to try and achieve the harmony between rider and bike. Adam has also helped my approach to Time Trialling by analysing race reports I provided and making improvements to my warm up and pacing. He has also formulated a training plan to help target key areas where my performance was weaker from feedback in our discussions.
I would recommended Adam for bike fitting but also for coaching and training advice.

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Details and Pricing

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Discounted rates are available for a block booking testing sessions throughout the year.


Coaching clients receieve a free fitness test as part of the service

Configure as part of your training plan for a reduced price

£ 85

per session

VO2max Testing

Heart rate and power

Cadence analysis

Perceived exertion

Lactate threshold

Derived training zones for power/heart rate

All data collected

Personalised report

Can form a baseline for coaching and training plans

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