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Premiere bike fitting service
suitable for any cyclist

This is the most thorough and effective bicycle fitting service around. A Retül bike fit is suitable for any cyclist and can help resolve injuries and discomfort, improve efficiency, enjoyment and overall performance.

Personalised experience

Documented changes

Long-term improvement

After-fit support

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions or want to discuss anything further, do hesitate to contact me.

Retül is a 3D motion capture system that obtains a multitude of angles and measurements to help understand your current fit on the bike and guide me into making the most effective changes to you and your bike to improve your comfort, efficiency and performance. The Retül system captures and calculates these measurements whilst you are pedalling, as opposed to a static system which measures in a fixed position. As cycling and the action of pedalling is a dynamic process, a system which is can detect and measure in real time during pedalling itself leads to greater precision and a clearer understanding of your position on the bike.

A Retül fit can be conducted on either your own bike or on the Retül Müve fitting bike. It is perfect for a range of different cyclists of all levels and abilities including triathletes, road racers, sportive riders, time triallists, cyclo-crossers, mountain bikers, recreational cyclists, beginners and anyone else that rides a bike!

I am an experienced Retül certified fitter and I bring my extensive knowledge and education in human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to the fitting process. My forward thinking and exhaustive research and continued learning results in the most thorough and effective bicycle fitting service around.

The session will cover your existing setup, a physical assessment, setup configuration and optimisation as well as a bike fit report.

A physical assessment allows us to take current limitations and injuries into account, for example foot structure, muscular tension and recruitment patterns. We will also look to provide exercises and advice to balance out any issues off the bike and create a positive long-term improvement, rather than just adjust the bike for a short-term gain. This is a crucial part of the fitting process!

Mix and match road bikes, time-trial, cyclo-cross or any other combination. I have even worked with Katie-George Dunlevy on her Paralympic tandem bike used in the road race and time trial at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

You can purchase a bike fit in advance and I will send you a personalised voucher. The recipient only needs to book a suitable date and time.

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I also occasionally sponsor events by giving away prizes including Retul bike fits. If you are organising an event feel free to get it touch.

"A fitting with Adam will
revolutionise your cycling"

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My extensive knowledge and education in human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics in addition to the best in bike fitting technology results in the most thorough and effective bicycle fitting service around.

Enhanced by Retul Technology

Dial in your perfect position with a Retul certified bike fitter and sport scientist.

Dynamic Assessment

Your bike fit isn't constrained to formulaic methods.

Increased Comfort

Anyone that rides a bike deserves to enjoy the time spent in the saddle.

Helps Prevent Injury

Your body’s limitations, previous injuries and pains will be taken into account.

Incredibly Affordable Pricing

Bring multiple bikes of different types and get all fitted in the same session.

Single Bike
£ 220*

Any type of bike

Pre-fit assessment

Retul motion capture technology assited bike fit

Retül Zin bike scan for your records

Any wedges, shims or spacers required

Post-fit support by email or phone

Tea, coffee and biscuits!

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Additional Bikes

£ 75 /bike

of the same type

£ 110 /bike

of a different type

*a weekend appointment will incur an extra £20 charge.