Groups, clinics and presentations

I  have been delighted with the service, attitude and support provide by Adam and would recommend him fully, especially for those beginners who are not sure if it’s worth it…It is!

In addition to working with individual athletes I can advise and coach teams or groups of riders, on both a continual or one-off basis. This is perfect for teams and club riders or a group of cyclists training together.

I also run clinics for clubs, teams and groups of riders looking to improve their skills. I can host clinics for road racers looking to learn to ride in a group or paceline and learn the subtle tactics and skills required to be successful in road racing.

I host cyclo-cross skills clinics to help cyclo-cross racers learn techniques such as dismounting, remounting, shouldering and running with the bike. These clinics are held off road and concentrate on many of the skills required to race and having fun in cyclo-cross and I construct small off-road circuits to practice many of the above skills whilst also replicating race-like intensity.

I can create custom clinics to suit your group's specific needs. Whether that is cornering, riding in groups, sprinting, climbing descending or anything else that you can think of that you’d like to work on I can create it.

As an experienced coach and sports scientist I have organised and run many coaching clinics for groups and clubs and hosted presentations and coaching evenings on a range of topics. I can consult on almost anything coaching related either on an individual basis or for a club or group.


Group sessions and presentation evenings are very flexible to suit the needs of your group, whether you are simply a pair of friends who ride together and want to split the cost of coaching or a club looking for specific workouts to improve the riding skills of your members.

Due to the highly customised nature of this service please inquire for further details regarding the structuring of any clinics or group sessions- any sessions will be written and hosted exclusively for you so please let me know your requirements and I will create something unique. 

What's included?

All group sessions, clinics and presentations are:


  • Tailored specificially to meet the demands of your group
  • Excellent ways of learning from each other, using each other to improve your skills very quickly
  • Excellent value for money- sessions are priced based upon the length of the sessions and content required, not per person. This allows you to split the cost between the group and this makes group coaching a bargain!

Who is it for?

Any groups, riders, clubs or teams. Get in touch to discuss your requirements, whether you are a pair of riders looking to improve your weekend rides or a club of 200 wanting to arrange a presentation evening or coaching clinic.


Group coaching sessions and clinics start from £50 per session (longer sessions at increased cost)

Club evenings typically hosted for free