Frame Sizing

I am now in a position to choose the best bike for me. I recommend every cyclist or triathlete to have a bike fit with Adam

In addition to the bike fitting services I offer, which are generally conducted on an existing bike, I also make use of the Retül Müve static bike to help determine your ideal frame size.

This service is perfect for those of you looking for a new bike and unsure of the frame size to choose. Take the guesswork out of buying your new bike and get an impartial frame sizing from a specialist rather than relying on a bike shop.

I will provide you with measurements for you to use when researching your new bike and will even help point you in the direction of suitable manufacturers and models.

Additionally, I can offer an excellent bundle deal on a frame sizing followed by a Retül fit once you have purchased your new bike.

This service is available for sizing any type of bike and for any level and type of cyclist.


I have a vast amount of experience in being able to identify the optimal position for a cyclist and then match suitable frame geometry and components to this position. I pride myself on my independence from any bike shops or manufacturers so I am in the ideal position to be able to offer a totally unbiased frame sizing session that puts your fit first. This allows for total confidence in purchasing a new bike, safe in the knowledge that it matches you and your riding style perfectly. 


All frame sizing sessions are conducted on the Retül Müve adjustable bike. This piece of equipment is one of the most well regarded fitting bikes in the world and allows us to adjust every aspect of your position as you pedal as well as investigating factors such as crank length, saddle choice and handlebar shape. This fitting bike means that any geometry and almost any bike can be replicated, making it ideal for road riders, triathletes, time trialists, mountain bikers, cyclo crossers, track racers and recreational riders to find the right geometry and bike for them. 

What's included?

With a frame sizing session you get:


  • A detailed and thorough session focused on finding the ideal geometry match for your body, position on the bike and riding style.
  • Detailed investigations into the ideal crank length, bar shape and saddle choice, as well as determining other ideal parameters to get you on the best bike for you.
  • Measurements of your position from the session, ideal geometry information to assist you in purchasing a new bike, a shortlist of suitable bikes and support in choosing the correct bike and checking geometries post-sizing to ensure you find the right bike for you.
  • Bundle deal that provides a discounted Retül fit on the new bike following a frame sizing session. This allows us to then focus on tweaking aspects such as cleat position, foot support, brake lever position and identify and work on muscular imbalances during the final fit. 

Who is it for?

For anyone looking for a new bike and wanting an impartial and independent assessment of the ideal geometry and bike type for them.


Frame sizing £85
Frame sizing bundle (frame sizing plus Retül fit on the new bike) £285