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Sep 10, 2013 by Simon

I have recently got into cycling and invested in a new bike, but this was causing all sorts of pain in my arms as well as legs. I researched a number of potential bike fit companies but chose Adam White Bike fit as the website made a lot of sense. What a great decision that was, I chose the Pro fit and spent several hours with Adam going through issues, trying to get comfortable and playing around with the settings. Following the fit, I had to make a number of component changes which Adam expertly guided me through as well as recommending cost effective solutions (which I had not thought of). Furthermore, he then went out of his way to fit all the replacement components for a very minor charge. Overall, I have been delighted with the service, attitude and support provide by Adam and would recommend him fully, especially for those beginners who are not sure if it\'s worth it...It is!

Bike fit

Sep 03, 2013 by Nathan

Just wanted to provide you with some long over due feedback following the fit and tweaks to the bike in June. I have had no further problems with my feet since the adjustment to the shoes and position on the bike and very quickly adjusted.
If I hear of anyone who needs a fit then I will happily recommend you.
Thanks again for your help

Coaching and Bike Fit

Jul 12, 2013 by Shaun

This is going to be hard for me to do - but to start at the beginning, here goes.
Adam bike fitted my wife and me to our road bikes, so that we could further enjoy riding locally, as well as in the Pyrenees where we go quite often.
The bike fit was a blessing, and after getting used to the new position, my riding (and my wife’s) got far more enjoyable and easier with less annoying pains here and there.
After 3 months of coaching with Adam, I unfortunately had to stop due to time constraints (work related) but my wife continued.
During this initial 3 months training from Adam, my riding further improved and I got stronger and fitter, and Adam helped me solve my 15 years of cramping legs on any long distance endurance events.....but - this is the hard part - my wife carried on with Adam\'s coaching and she has improved leaps and bounds, to the degree that our roles when we go out riding are now 100% reversed.
In the past, we would start climbing (e.g. Tourmalet) and I would consistently increase the gap as the climb continued, but now my wife literally leaves me standing (no matter how hard I try), and she gets to the top of any climb/ride WAY before I do (with a big smile on her face) - and this is literally ALL due to the coaching and personal training that Adam has helped her with.
As soon as I can afford the time I will be back and getting the same coaching from Adam, so that I can at least keep up with my wife on our rides.
Thanks a lot Adam!!!

Long Distance Cycle

May 06, 2013 by Thomas

I have a leg length discrepancy and am about to undergo an 850 mile bike ride. I wanted to ensure correct bike setup, so I can make it through the trip uninjured. Adam was very professional, making many changes to my bike/cleats/shoes. I used Adams Retul Bike fit, which was excellent as it showed the improvement in my setup after adjustment. Adam is very knowledgeable and professional, I didnt know Adam before this, but i would recommend him to anyone wanting a top bike fit. Thanks

Jan 12, 2013 by Jan

I have just completed my first triathlon season and decided I should check the fit of my bike to improve my aero position and to assist me in choosing a new bike. I highly recommend a bike fit with Adam. He was very knowledgeable and patient taking the time on each aspect of the bike fit to get it right for me. He has helped me get into a more effecient and aero dynamic cycling position, and importantly identified and eliminated some pedalling issues. I am also now in a position to choose the best bike for me. I recommend every cyclist or triathalete to have a bike fit with Adam. Thanks Adam.

Bike Fit for Triathlon

Dec 21, 2012 by Aldred

Adam helped me to decide on a triathlon bike, and when it arrived, came round to my house to do a bike fit. Have ridden it for 2 seasons now and still very happy with the comfort and aero position. He also helped me out to select a training bike and fitted that too.

No More Knee Pain!

Dec 18, 2012 by Michelle

I highly recommend a bike fit with Adam. Not only is he knowledgeable about all things bike he takes the time to give a thorough, detailed and personal service which was much appreciated. I'd been riding my road bike for a couple of years with intermittent knee pain especially when hill climbing and with a few adjustments of the saddle and riding position the knee pain was gone. Instant fix! He also adjusted the tri bars to a more comfortable position yet retaining good aerodynamics. Thanks Adam.

Wish I'd done it sooner

Oct 27, 2012 by Laurence

I race middle-distance triathlon, and I got in touch with Adam for a bike fit when I was getting some Aero-bars to add to my road bike. I'd previously struggled with any long ride due to low back pain. This has been massively improved since my bike fit with a few simple adjustments to my bike setup. Wish I'd done it sooner. Thanks Adam.

Retul Fit

Oct 26, 2012 by Matt

I recently had a Retul fit from Adam on my TT bike, followed by my training bike. What a great experience! I have found the fitting experience very professional and both bikes now ride a hundred times better. I would recommend Adam to anyone. Keep up the good work!

Excellent Service

Oct 22, 2012 by Darren

I had my first ever bike fit from Adam - it was the classic road bike with aero bars for triathlon/Ironman racing fit I needed. Adam did a fantastic job and i never once got back/neck ache during many, many hours of riding and 2 Ironman triathlon races - these were just using his eye for a fit and a turbo trainer. Just to add... I got a free Retul fitting shortly after my races and so it seemed logical to get it done - they changed NOTHING in my set up to what Adam had done!!

Adam White Bike Fit 07837158317 65 Underwood Road Reading , RG30 3LZ UK 5.0 5.0 47 47 I was looking into getting a bike fit done after buying a new bike and having a few long distance triathlons booked it. I was recommended Adam by one of the coaches in my triathlon