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Great all round service

Sep 21, 2015 by Richard

Great service received from Adam, his knowledge and experience shows from the start.

I visited earlier this year to get some help narrowing down the seemingly endless options when it comes to purchasing a Tri bike. Adam listened to my requirements and got me setup on a static bike, experimenting with different positions and bars.

Top of my list for visiting was to obtain an independent recommendation of bikes that could suit me requiring as little if any modification out of the box.
After that first visit I received a comprehensive follow up email with a shortlist of bike manufacturers/models, with sizes and budgets to suit my needs.

After my bike purchase I returned to Adam for a Retul bike fit to fine tune the position on the new “toy”. In summary the whole experience of purchasing a tri bike and getting it configured correctly was made very easy courtesy of Adam, highly recommend!

Highly recommended

Aug 10, 2015 by Jason

This guy knows his stuff and provides a excellent service. I went to see Adam in July and decided to go for the Retul bike fitting as I was having problems with my lower back. After a physical assessment and a couple of exercises Adam knew what the problem was and having the bike fit confirmed it. Adam sent me a list of exercises and foam roller techniques to work on. In the last 4 weeks there has been a massive difference in my cycling. I am more comfortable on the bike. Getting faster and stronger every week. More importantly my lower back pain is going.
I can not recommend Adam highly enough and the service he provides with excellent after care.

Bike-wise, the best £180 I've ever spent

Aug 09, 2015 by David

I recently built my own frame and having put the whole thing together, decided to heed a freind\'s aadvice and get a bike fitting done- wise choice. Whilst Retul\'s technology is rightly recognised as best in class, you still need to choose a Retul technician who understands physiology and bio-mechanics from a cycling perspective.

That\'s where Adam comes in - qualified sports scientist, a registered British Cycling coach and a successful racer in his time. The detail that Adam applies to the process is granular starting with an assessment of your current physical satus; muscle tone, stature, balance etc. before you even start the fit - this guy knows his stuff.

I\'ve done a couple of rides since the fit and I\'ve already noticed what a difference my improved position on the bike has made in terms of comfort, technique and stamina. It\'s hard to believe that such small and subtle changes can make such a profound difference.

If you\'re thinking of getting a bike fit done, just do it. That said, make sure it\'s based on Retul technology and make sure you use Adam White. Recommended without hesitation.

Bike fitting service

Jul 10, 2015 by Stephen

Hi Adam

Wanted to thank you for the excellent bike fit service you did for me.

Following the fit I've been building up and adjusting to the changes over the last few weeks. Very positive results so far. Discomfort and numb hand issues have now gone.

I feel like I'm getting more out of my pedal strokes. As a surprising side benefit the adjustments to my position make the handling on both bikes feel more positive and I'm much happier using the drops.

Will highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a bike fit.

Resolved back pain

Jun 08, 2015 by Lynn

Hi Adam,

I've been doing some mega cycling, longest ride was 77 miles in Lanzarote, went out there for 2 weeks cycling, running and swimming.

The bike fit you gave me has been amazing, my back pain has now completely gone, you were right it took a little while but each ride the pain took longer to come on and was much less intense and within a few rides it had gone.

Many many thanks, I'm recommending you to every cyclist I know!

Bike fit review

May 07, 2015 by Kim

I would just like to thank you for the bike fit that you did for me. You have completely cured my knee problems and my back is much better.
I am sorry that this thank you has taken so long but I never seemed to get around to it. However that is not a reflection on the gratitude I feel. My life is much improved and I am enjoying my cycling again.
Best wishes.

God created Adam so humans could enjoy bikes

Feb 13, 2015 by Julian

Before you spend hard earned cash visit Adam White to measure you up and advise you about the best bike and its optimum size. I am a leisure and fitness cyclist who rides for fun. Adam's expertise has improved my enjoyment and capability by 30%. I ache a lot less, particularly in my knees and back. Adam is the complete cycling therapist: backed up by detailed measurement, good science, rigorous engineering, he spends his time understanding you, your body and your cycling needs. Whatever you want from your new bike: speed, performance, endurance, pleasure, Adam White will help you get more of it.

Great bike fit for LEJOG

Oct 09, 2014 by David

Had a bike fit with Adam about 4 months before a lands end to John O'Groats ride. Before the fit I suffered from 50 year old knee pains, saddle soreness and general aches. During LEJOG, 900+ miles in 9 days, I had no problems whatsoever, felt great and could have carried on longer. Tweaks at a bike fit may not seem much but Adam has proven he knows his stuff, he also gave me exercises that also helped with cramping issues. I'd recommend a bike fit and Adam in particular to anyone. I also had no punctures, mechanicals or a single drop of rain but can't thank Adam for any of those !

Don't hesistate, book now!

Sep 30, 2014 by Elisabeth

I ‘m just writing to say a massive thank you! I complete LEJOG last week and my bike set up was perfect. I didn\'t have one ache or pain, no back ache, nothing over the entire 9 days. The ride was absolutely fantastic. I held my own against my peers, especially on the hills. I am sure my last few weeks of training, directed by your suggestions on hill climbing definitely helped.
For anyone considering having a bike fit all I can say is don\'t hesitate. Adam advised me to have a bike sizing done before I bought my bike as I wanted to buy one online. And to be honest, I did think at the time this was potentially unnecessary. But I was convinced, within 30 minutes of arriving. His attention to detail was fantastic. This was money well spent as not only did Adam advise on the right size (I would have ordered the wrong size) but he also gave me advice on makes to avoid as the bike geometry wouldn\'t suit me. He is so knowledgeable you can ask him anything about bikes and he will be able to help. I was able to buy my bike with confidence (online - thus saving heaps of money) and then went back for a Retul fit including sorting my cleats. My road bike is so comfortable, it is unbelievable. During my fitting I also got great advice on training too which helped immensely. If you\'re unsure about going for either the pre-fitting or Retul fit, don\'t hesitate, it is money well spent and you won\'t regret it.

Bike fit review

Sep 22, 2014 by Graham

Hi Adam,

I\'ve just finished riding from Land\'s End to John o\'Groats – 981 miles in 9 days – and thought that now was a good time to give you some feedback on the impact of the bike-fit session you had with me.

Prior to coming along, any long ride that I cycled was marked by the onset of back pain and knee pain. After each ride, I felt and walked around like a man 20 years older than I was. Of course, being 52, I had assumed that this was an inevitable consequence of the ageing process, until that is, I came to you.

Following the bike-fit, I have had no pain problems at all. None. Everything held up really well over my LEJOG training as well as over the ride itself – no pain in either back or knees.

So Adam, thanks very much for taking the time to get me sorted – the process worked a treat and I couldn\'t be happier with the outcome. I will unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone who might benefit from such a session.

Adam White Bike Fit 07837158317 65 Underwood Road Reading , RG30 3LZ UK 5.0 5.0 47 47 I was looking into getting a bike fit done after buying a new bike and having a few long distance triathlons booked it. I was recommended Adam by one of the coaches in my triathlon