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by Darren on Adam White Bike Fit
Riding happy again

I'd had five to six years of back pain when cycling prior to seeing Adam. Following his fit and the support he gave me for a considerable amount of time after, I am now riding happy again.It is no understatement to say Adam's help and the resulting freedom I now feel about cycling again has transformed this aspect of my life. I'm coming back from bike rides smiling again.I cannot recommend Adam highly enough.Thank you.

by Cameron on Adam White Bike Fit
Best bike fit around

Having had numerous bike fits in the area I thought I knew what to expect and what I wanted to be told about my current position on a bike I'd been unhappily riding on for over a year.Adam's service completely trumped my previous experiences. Adam goes into meticulous detail by taking time to work through various progressions of bike fit until he's confident you are in the right place. Not only on the bike he is quick to give advice on the other areas off the bike.This new fit got me through a big trip away, feeling more comfortable after 15+ hours in 4 days, than I was after 60mins before.Cannot recommend Adam enough.

Highly recommended!

I came to Adam before and after buying my new bike and I'm really glad I did both. His advice and guidance on buying a new bike were great and the fitting session was excellent too. Following the fit, bike handling felt better, I was more comfortable and better able to apply my power. I went from feeling uncomfortable after a couple of hours to happily riding centuries - with my legs rather than back being the limiting factor.Thanks!

by Philip on Adam White Bike Fit
Bike fit

Hi Adam, Just to let you know - I am reeeeaaaallllyyy happy with the work you've done on my set up. The biggest difference is that I feel I am generating power all the way round the pedal rotation now - before it felt more like a 'push + pull' than a constant power generation through 360 degrees. Thanks again! Phil

Ireland trip

I went to Adam as I was getting ready to cycle around Ireland and I hadn’t had a bike fit and also I had been suffering back pain after a few hours on the bike (old injury). I was very impressed about how comprehensive the bike fit was. And having now just finished the Ireland trip it was the best money I spent - no back pain for the whole trip and also a much more comfortable and effective riding position. I highly recommend Adam.

by Wesley on Adam White Bike Fit

Had my first bike fit with Adam and was super impressed with his professionalism and knowledge! He took the time to first get to the bottom of what was causing my aches and pains on and off the bike. This was then translated into setting the bike up and what a difference! More power and efficiency, especially up hills and I felt like doing another 50k when I got home! The excersises Adam gave me to continue improving my issues have been excellent so far and I will continue with these going forward. Every cyclist should get a bike fit and I highly recommend Adam for this!

Awesome service

Thanks to Adam to making me more comfortable on my bike! It is 3 hours well spent!

by Robert on Adam White Bike Fit
A huge thank you

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for all of your help.

I've had two club rides on the Canyon now, and I'm climbing like a demon!

I suspect there are a number of factors:

* a better, lighter bike
* I'm doing a Watt Bike session every week
* everybody else is riding their winter bikes!

But, the overwhelming difference is the set up. I'm staying fresh through the rides, no pain (I didn't realise what that felt like) and I always just want to push on, rather than just hanging on!

At the end of my first 45 miler I had enough energy to set the fourth best time ever up the hill I live on!

You've transformed my riding, and I'm very grateful!

Thanks very much, and have a great Christmas!

Just awesome

I was looking into getting a bike fit done after buying a new bike and having a few long distance triathlons booked it. I was recommended Adam by one of the coaches in my triathlon club. And what a recommendation it was.
Booked in with Adam for a Retül bike fit. After 3 hours of stretches, adjusts and pedaling we were done. I honestly didn’t realise how much went into a bike fit. Adam started with questions about what I wanted from the bike fit and If I had or have any problems with my current bike fit.
Adam them assessed my flexibility, or not so in my case. Then went in to show me exercises I should be doing to improve my flexibility and what I should be stretching and rolling. I can openly say I learnt a lot.
Then it was on to the bike. Cleats and shoes adjust, seat raised and adjusted and stem dropped. In no time I had awesome and much better fitting bike. Adam also spent time setting up my clip on aero bars. So I was much more comfortable and able to relax on them.
After a couple of short 12/15miles rides to get used to the new fit. Then yesterday after my first 45mile longest ride since the bike fit. All I can say is WOW! Just amazing. The bike feels aweosme. More Comfort. Feels like I have more Power. I even enjoyed climbing the hills. Well kind of.
Just want to say a massive thank you to Adam for not just a great bike fit. But also for his knowledge and advise. Learnt so much in the 3 hours I was there.
If you're thinking of getting Adam to give you a bike fit. Don’t thinking about it. JUST DO IT!
Thank you again Adam!

by Michael on Adam White Bike Fit
Measurable Improvements

I had a Retül bike fit with Adam in April this year, my cycling performance and comfort on the bike have both improved significantly. In addition to the Retül fit, Adam provided an orthotic support in my right shoe to resolve a long standing issue, made a number of adjustments to my bike and gave me advice on exercises to improve my lower back and hip weakness. His sports science knowledge and Retül expertise enable him to provide a unique and friendly service. Since seeing Adam my average speed has increased and as a direct result of his intervention I have lost over 5 kilos in weight!

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