Training Plans

 Adam has been responsible for my best 10mile and 25mile time trial times this season

Training for cycling or triathlon requires a significant investment in your time to meet your goals and perform at your best. The most effective way to train is with a structured training plan that is designed and built around your life and off-the-bike commitments and specifically targets the events you wish to excel in, particular aspects of your cycling performance and addresses your weaknesses whilst continuing to improve upon your existing strengths.
In addition to the fully interactive one-to-one coaching service I provide, I also produce structured training plans to help you improve your performance on the bike. Unlike the personal cycling coaching, these training plans are written as a structure for you to follow without any further interaction, analysis or coaching.


The custom planning process starts by looking at your current levels of training, discussing your perceived strengths and weakness and understanding how training will fit best around your lifestyle. I will then carefully craft a plan taking these points into consideration and also building in a high level of flexibility that allows you to continue to progress even if your training gets disrupted.

The training plan not only comes with the structure but an entire workout menu of different types of training sessions and intervals.

I can build these plans to also include off the bike core stability and strength work and regular field testing sessions are built into every plan to help you track your improvements.

What's included?

Included in this service:


  • A unique training plan fully customised to your demands, required length of time and balanced around your work/life considerations
  • Day to day structure to guide you through your training
  • Workouts unique to your needs
  • Designed to work with the training tools at your disposal (heart rate, power or simply perceived exertion)

Who is it for?

A customised training plan is ideal for any rider looking to improve their fitness or work towards a specific goal or event. Numerous riders have benefited from plans to take them up to a specific event or race. Other riders have simply wanted something that can provide some focus and structure to help them improve their riding more quickly and effectively than training by themselves.


Training plans start from £85.

This is the base price for a 4 week training plan. As the required length of the plan increases the price increases. Additional customisation such as strength or weight training scheduling and workouts are also available at further cost.