Retül Fit

A fitting with Adam will revolutionise your cycling, it certainly did mine

This is my premiere bike fitting service but that does not mean that it is exclusively for racers or experienced riders. Anyone and everyone can benefit from a Retül bike fit, whether you are looking to be set up on your first bike or racing triathlon.

Retül is the ultimate in bike fittng tools and highlights our bike fitting services. A Retül based bike fit is suitable for any level or type and rider and can really help resolve injuries and discomfort on the bike, improve efficiency and increase your overall cycling performance.


I am an experienced Retül certified fitter and I bring my extensive knowledge and education in human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to the fitting process. Adding the best in bike fitting technology to my forward thinking and exhaustive research and continued learning results in the most thorough and effective bicycle fitting service around.


Retül is a 3D motion capture system that obtains a multitude of angles and measurements to help understand your current fit on the bike and guide me into making the most effective changes to you and your bike to improve your comfort, efficiency and performance. The Retül system captures and calculates these measurements whilst you are pedalling, as opposed to a static system which measures in a fixed position. As cycling and the action of pedalling is a dynamic process, a system which is can detect and measure in real time during pedalling itself leads to greater precision and a clearer understanding of your position on the bike. You can read more about Retül technology at

What's included?

With a Retül bike fit you get:

- Pre-fit pack via email containing information about the fit and a questionnaire regarding your cycling, injuries and reasons for getting fitted

- Physical assessment to assess your posture, foot structure, muscular tension and recruitment patterns. We will also look to provide exercises and advice to balance out any issues off the bike and create a positive long-term improvement, rather than just adjust the bike for a short-term gain. This is a crucial part of the fitting process!

- Use of the Retul system to take dynamic scans of your initial riding position and using further scans throughout the session to guide the fit and check the effectiveness of the changes made to your position. The use of the technology is to aid our observations and analysis - it is not to produce a paint-by-numbers fit!

- Scan of your initial and final bike setups using the Retül Zin tool for your comparison and future reference

- Any wedges, shims or spacers used included free of charge

- Oh, and free tea, coffee and biscuits!

Who is it for?

A Retül fit can be conducted on either your own bike or on the Retül Müve fitting bike. It is perfect for a range of different cyclists of all levels and abilities including triathletes, road racers, sportive riders, time triallists, cyclo-crossers, mountain bikers recreational cyclists, beginners and anyone else that rides a bike!


Single bike £220

Extra bike of same type (e.g. 2 road bikes or 2 mountain bikes etc. in the same session) additional £75 per bike

Extra bike of different type (e.g. road bike and time trial bike etc. in the same session) additional £110 per bike

Follow up sessions are £100 per session