Pro Fit

I highly recommend a bike fit with Adam. Not only is he knowledgeable about all things bike he takes the time to give a thorough, detailed and personal service

The Pro fit may be a less expensive option than the Retül fitting process but the effectiveness of this service is well proven by many riders who have had their positions optimised through this fit. The use of  video playback will help you to understand your position on the bike and review the changes made. Slow motion video also helps to understand and improve upon your pedalling technique and understand how to use your centre of gravity to help handle the bike, which is a crucial factor when descending and cornering. You will also have a physical assessment prior to getting on the bike and you will also be provided with measurements of your final setup.

With this level fit you will still get a dynamic assessment of your position (I do not perform static fits or use formulaic methods for any of my fitting processes) but the Retül system is not utilised.

I will use cleat wedges, shims and spacers as required to get you comfortable and increase your efficiency.

You still do get free tea, coffee and biscuits (of course!).


I am an experienced bike fitter and having started my bike fitting career without the use of any equipment other than a very sharp eye for biomechanics, a detailed understanding of human physiology and anatomy and the ability to apply these principles to optimise a rider's position on the bike. The Pro level fit is a legacy from how I started fitting prior to any of the advances in bike fitting technology and specific motion capture technology becoming available. 
My observations of you on the bike are detailed and enhanced through the use of HD video capture and slow motion playback and combined with my extensive experience of fitting many cyclists the Pro level fit is an additional service to my most popular and comprehensive offering- the Retül level fit.


Use of HD video and slow motion playback to understand and review your position on the bike. Considerations for your pedaling technique will be discussed when reviewing slow motion video of your position and other considerations such as out of the saddle riding, centre of gravity and weight distribution will be integral to the fit- just as they should be during any professional bike fit. 

What's included?

With a Pro bike fit you get:


  • Pre-fit pack via email containing information about the fit and a questionnaire regarding your cycling, injuries and reasons for getting fitted.
  • Physical assessment at the start of the session to understand your underlying biomechanical traits and a check of your muscular and skeletal structure and function.
  • Use of HD video capture and playback to understand and analyse your position on the bike.
  • Measurements of your final bike setup
  • Any wedges, shims or spacers used included free of charge
  • Oh, and free tea, coffee and biscuits!

Who is it for?

A Pro fit will be conducted on your own bike. It is perfect for a range of different cyclists of all levels and abilities including triathletes, road racers, sportive riders, time trialists, cyclo-crossers, mountain bikers, recreational cyclists, and beginners. Really just about anyone that rides a bike!


Pro fit £125

Extra bikes are each charged at the full price