Fitness Testing

During 3 months training with Adam my riding improved, I got stronger and fitter and Adam helped me solve my 15 years of cramping legs during any long distance events

Knowing your baseline fitness and physiology is imperative to designing a training plan, understanding your strengths and weaknesses and charting your progression. I offer studio based performance testing to determine your individual power and heart rate zones, as well as important physiological indicators such as VO2max and lactate threshold.

Performance testing will provide you with power and heart rate zones as well as VO2max and threshold power numbers to allow you to tailor your training. Using the Lab edition Computrainer for greater precision, I will test a range of physiological and performance based factors that will give a clearer insight into your current state of training, your potential and how to improve your training and work on your weaknesses.
A testing session is also an excellent way of benchmarking your fitness so that you can monitor your fitness and improvement over the course of a season or over a number of years to ensure your training is effective.


I use a classic VO2max testing protocol to elicit a clear physiological response to the increasing effort and therefore allow a detailed and precise breakdown and analysis of your current fitness. Heart rate and power will be recorded alongside your cadence and rate of perceived exertion. By comparing these variables to each other I can distinguish lactate threshold and VO2max and from this derive training zones for power and heart rate that you can use in training to structure your rides and monitor your fatigue and improvement.

What's included?

From a fitness testing session you will receive:


  • Maximal testing session to determine VO2max and lactate threshold power and heart rate.
  • All data collected during the session for your reference.
  • A report of your heart rate and power training zones.
  • Analysis of your results to indicate areas of interest, areas for improvement and brief details of how to optimise your training to improve your weaknesses and maintain your strengths.

Who is it for?

Fitness testing is an excellent way to begin training with a clearly defined structure as the training zones provided will allow you to optimise your training time and effectiveness- this makes it ideal for newer riders who are looking to get into their training.

Testing is also useful for those who have been training to zones based upon calculators, which can be surprisingly inaccurate. A testing session will provide you with data that is relevant to you and allow you to get the most from your riding.

As you will be provided with all data from the session you can begin to build up a picture of the course of a season and over the years to track the improvements in your fitness and build up a picture of how your training is truly impacting your riding.

A testing session can be useful as a standalone session or as part of a season long testing schedule ans is therefore excellent for a wide range of riders, from the beginner to experienced time trialist, road racer, triathlete and sportive rider.


Single testing session £85

Discounted rates are available for a block booking of a series of testing sessions throughout the year.