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Best money I have spent on cycling

Sep 10, 2014 by Neil

Initially hesitant in booking in for a bike fitting, but with a big event coming up and suffering from pains in my knees I thought it was worth a punt, and I am so glad I did!

Completely changed the set up of my bike and after following instructions of small rides to let the changes 'bed in' I attempted a 170 mile trip after a week and had never felt better, more power and more confortable.

Bike now almost feels part of me and do not suffer any discomfort at all.

Adam is very friendly and you get the impression he genuinly wants to help out and allow you to enjoy cycling even more. his after visit care is also superb.

I am more than comfortable to make a strong recommendation to use Adam, you wil not regret it!

Don't hesitate - book it!

Sep 01, 2014 by Richard

I guess that many people reading this are perhaps a bit hesitant over spending the money on a pro bike fit - maybe even a tad sceptical. Don't be... I spent almost four hours with Adam back in early July, having both my road bikes properly fitted. His extensive knowledge is undeniable, his attention to detail incredible and his desire to get the very best out of it for YOU as the customer, totally refreshing. First of all, Adam uses a trained eye and his considerable experience to analyse your cycling to see where improvements can be made and only after that does he support his conclusions with the RETUL system - he doesn't just wire you up to the machine straight away and rely on what it says. Great care and a lot of time is taken to make sure you understand what is happening as you cycle, why you aren't as comfortable on the bike as you perhaps should be and what changes can be made to resolve those issues. After nearly two months since my fitting, I am absolutely delighted with the difference those four hours have made to my cycling in terms of enjoyment and performance. My lower back pain has gone, the shoulder discomfort has virtually disappeared and my average times are getting steadily faster. From my point of view, it was money very well spent and probably the best value that I could possibly have achieved for spending the money in terms of how it has transformed my cycling. Don't hesitate - do it!

Training Camp Support

Jul 05, 2014 by Floodie

Adam spent a weekend with our club at a training camp in North Wales helping us prepare for our Alpine challenge in August. He brought his skills and knowledge to a whole array of roles we asked him to fulfil - coach, nutritionist, conditioning trainer, motivator, mechanic, feed zone saviour - and was a key ingredient of a successful camp. We all learned a lot from Adam that was practical, applicable and appropriate to the riding levels of a very mixed group. So if you want a multi-skilled cycling expert for a club event, Adam's your man!

Money well spent

May 04, 2014 by Mike

Put simply, if I hadn't been to see Adam, I'd have bought the wrong size bike (almost certainly too small). I went to Adam as it was not easy for my local bike shop to get the bike I wanted for a trial. Even if I'd gone down that route, I'm sure that sizing would have been hit and miss. Adam sat me on his sizing machine and very patiently explained all the issues, not least the difference between measuring a bike by effective top tube length (bad) and stack/reach (good). Armed with the information from Adam, I later ordered my bike and a few months on I'm pleased as punch. There's certainly more I can do to get the setup correct, as I haven't changed the stem length, or fiddled about too much with the saddle fore/aft, so I'll be back to Adam some time this summer. I would not hesitate to recommend Adam.

From MTB to Road bike

Apr 01, 2014 by Doug

I\'m a mountain biker that wanted to get on a road bike & do some big miles with my mates but never felt comfortable. I did a lot of on-line research & chose Adam (I didn\'t want to be in a shop with lots of interruptions). What a difference it made. The first ride out felt great & I no longer got the lower back pain I had been experiencing. Two weeks later I doubled my miles to 80 for my first sportive & finished it with ease & no pain. The alterations to my shoes have also helped enormously. Highly recommended. Thank You (from someone who never normally leaves reviews).

Bike fit

Feb 04, 2014 by Jo

Just an update on how it\'s all going. I now have the new handlebars that you suggested and have been out twice since they have been fitted (30miles and 20 miles). What a fantastic improvement. I am using the drops so much more and the whole position is so much better. The only thing is is that my left leg has realised that it now has to do some of the work but that is a good thing! It just goes to show how lop sided I was.
So thanks again for getting me all set up in the right position so that my cycling experience is so much improved. I will definitely be recommending you to people that need a bike fit.

Fitting for Ride London 100

Jan 30, 2014 by Roger

First I must apologise to Adam for the late submission of this report - hopefullyt better late than never.
I set out last year to do the Ride London 100 - in Jan I could only manage 20 miles, so unlike many other, it was some challenge.
It was very late in the day - 3 weeks to go in fact - when I went to Adam for a bike fitting having been referred by a friend and I was a wondering whether it was a good thing to do at that stage.
I need not have worried. The process Adam adopted was both meticulous and reassuring and it did actually change my riding position rather more than we both expected at the outset, but it was immensly to the better.From the get-go the position felt so much more comfortable and effective and I quickly found myself being comfortable riding for longer between breaks. It also cured a naggling muscle irritation I would suffer from when starting out on a ride.
I completed the ride in 5 1/2 hours which was about 2 hours quicker than I expected!
Great job Adam.

Professional and friendly service

Dec 30, 2013 by David

I really felt Adam knew his onions and his grasp of biomechanics and physiology impressed me. The changes he did suggest have improved my comfort no end on the road bike and with that increased performance. I\'m so happy that I\'ll be back to get a sizing and subsequent fit for a TT bike, there is no doubt in my mind what is being offered in terms of service is good quality.


Sep 23, 2013 by Andy

A fitting with Adam will revolutionise your cycling, it certainly did mine. His patient, no nonsense and top quality service meant my bike fitted like a glove and I was able to ride harder and faster on a 4 day alpine pro-am event. His \"after sales\" service is also exemplary going to great lengths to follow up with detailed responses to some of my more inane questions! Highly recommended for anyone who is only an enthusiastic novice like me, you can get so much more out of a bike that is expertly fitted.

Bike fit

Sep 18, 2013 by Sorrel

After returning from a training camp and having flown my bike back, it just didn't seem right anymore. A friend urged me to see Adam and she was right. Adam spent as much time with me as was needed in order to get the set up correct on my bike, realigned some inbalances in my riding style and corrected my poor attempt at putting the cleats in the right position on a new pair of shoes. My clip on tri bars were also given the AW treatment, so much so that the triathlon I completed 3 days later was the most comfortable bike leg I have ever done (and no knee pain in about 6 months!) and the 10m TT I completed today was a dream. I have already recommended Adam to several friends who say they don't feel comfortable on their bikes. If you are reading this and not sure whether this is for most certainly is. My next bike purchase will be taken straight round to Adam to ensure I get the right fit, regardless of what the bike shop do when I pick it up.

Adam White Bike Fit 07837158317 65 Underwood Road Reading , RG30 3LZ UK 5.0 5.0 47 47 I was looking into getting a bike fit done after buying a new bike and having a few long distance triathlons booked it. I was recommended Adam by one of the coaches in my triathlon