My passion for cycling coincides with my enthusiasm for performance analysis and sport science and is underpinned by my wide range of experiences as a competitive road, cyclo-cross and mountain bike racer.

I have been providing bike fitting, coaching and performance analysis for a number of years and my background as a sports scientist is key aspect to the bike fitting and coaching services I provide. I enjoy being able to provide a huge range of cyclists and triathletes with advice and knowledge gained from a life and career devoted to human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and performance improvement. No matter your level of skill or ability or background- newcomer to veteran racer- I am always happy to help.

Based in Reading, Berkshire I am ideally placed to offer my comprehensive bike fitting and coaching services to riders from across the country.


I have been bike fitting for a number of years and performed hundreds of bike fits for a range of clients. I have helped beginners looking to do their first rides and looking for a comfortable and efficient setup, to elite level triathletes aiming to achieve a powerful and aerodynamic riding position.

My fitting expertise has been enlisted by a number of elite athletes including competitors at Ironman 70.3 world championships and representatives of Great Britain at the age group triathlon World Championships. I have worked with riders from the British Cycling Junior Academy as well as cyclists from national and regional race teams.

I enjoy the challenges my diverse customer base brings and I find that the novice riders benefit from the aspects of my fitting that I apply to elite riders and vice versa. I believe that a crucial aspect of my fitting service is to treat each rider as unique and that means that whether you are an elite athlete or novice cyclist you can expect the same treatment and dedication to optimising your position on the bike.


My philosophy is really very simple; to treat every rider as unique.

I use my experience in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to understand the challenge presented by each individual client. Whether that is resolving an aching low back or a painful knee. The same principles are critical when analysing a physiology testing session or or working with a coaching client.

Although I enjoy using the latest scientific research and technology in my practice, I also understand the feelings of an athlete, which comes from my own experience as a rider and racer. I have ridden and raced from the junior categories and have accrued a wealth of experience in that time that has been enhanced by my studies and qualifications.

In terms of bike fitting I utilise the Retül 3D motion capture system along with HD video capture to increase the precision of my service but I do not simply fit to a formula or set of ‘average ranges’. Every bike fit is totally unique and these tools and systems simply allow me to assess what changes need to be made, or what needs to be left alone, with even greater precision. My initial start in bike fitting was performing fits without the use of any technology and I therefore I am not blinded by technology, I instead use it to enhance and understand my observations in greater detail and provide the most thorough fitting experience to each and every customer.

I make use of cleat wedges, shims, customised insoles and many more tools and tricks that I have developed over my bike fitting career to provide the most comprehensive and effective fitting service around.


I have a keen interest in research for bike fitting and cycling performance and understanding the background science that underpins my services. My final dissertation for my degree was a new piece of research examining the impact of various cadence strategies on 10 mile time trial performance and understanding the physiological mechanisms that affected the performance (a free abstract of my research will be available to download soon).

I spend a great deal of time reading the latest journal articles in biomechanics, physiology and sports science but I also look for new ways in which to utilise and adapt equipment, understanding and research from other sports and backgrounds to my bike fitting and coaching. I believe that this commitment to continued learning and research allows me to offer a unique service to all of my customers.


  • BSc (Hons) Sport Sciences
  • Retul certified bike fitter
  • British Cycling accredited coach
  • BASES member